Mar 12, 2013

Prom Dress Inspiration : Luck of the Irish

Get out your emeralds so you can get used to them. Color forecasters have been busy getting the word out about the hottest hues and palettes for 2013.The world's leading color authority, Pantone named emerald green its cutting edge color for next year. We can expect the deep luxuriant jewel tone to bathe, saturate, stripe, dot or check everything from closing and accessories to expansive living room walls and decorative pillows.

So you might be thinking "whatever. I already know what colors I like" But just as fashion trends come and go, and a customer is free to indulge what catches her eye and ignore what doesn't, so it goes with color. 

What you really want to know, especially if you love green, is "Will it look good me?" Are you one of the lucky ones?

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