Jul 13, 2014

Have You Been Disappointed Buying from Overseas?

It's so tempting to buy a prom or wedding from a dealer who claims that they will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But many women have already been burned by shopping for dresses from unknown or unauthorized factories overseas. 

Before you decide to buy your next special occasion dress from a manufacturer half way around the world, be sure to read: Wedding and Prom Dresses:

The Pitfalls of Buying Cheap!


May 15, 2014

Ok, we're not asking you to do this but in case you do...

Like I've said all along, everything can't be perfect all the time, and you just might trip a bit as you float up the stairs or down  the stairs in your ballgown and high heels. But what a perfect way to end the pain!

Did you happen to catch the smile on Hayden Panettierre's face as she when she recovered from her near tumble down the stairway?

We can almost hear our own heart pounding in our chest as we review the photos. 
Things could have been much much worse. In the event you find yourself at the bottom of a carpeted stair way on your way to a gala, hopefully you will not be too shy to ask a gentleman for his arm, giving you a bit of a chance to stabilize yourself as you creep to the top. 

If you do happen to find yourself at the bottom of the stairs much quicker than you expected, follow Hayden's lead and laugh it off! It will feel better in no time! Hayden, we think you are awesome!

Hayden Panetierre laughs it off at the Gala

Prom. A night like no other. You, like no one else.

May 1, 2014

Get this Book for FREE!!!

Get this book for free!
Did you know you can borrow this book for free?  Yes, you can. Just be an Amazon Prime Member and head over to the Kindle Owner's Lending Library! You are eligible to borrow one book per month absolutly free!!!

Here's how to find KOLL (Kindle Owner's Lending Library).

  1. Power up your Kindle
  2. Tap on Books
  3. Tap on Store
  4. Locate "Featured Lists"
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the list
  6. Find and tap on Kindle Owner's Lending Library
  7.  Locate the Search Window
  8. Type Dress Up Games into the Search Window
  9. Click on the Icon for Dress Up Games : how to be a real princess at your first real prom.
  10. If you are a current Prime Member, you will find a button that says Borrow for Free
  11. Click on the Borrow for Free Button
  12. If you already have a borrowed book on your Kindle, you will be asked to return it before your copy of Dress Up Games will be downloaded for free. 
  13. Enjoy your free copy!
  14. Please be sure to include a review when you have finished reading Dress Up Games. It will give me an idea of how I can improve! Thanks for reading and my you have a wonderful prom!

Prom. A night like no other. You, like no one else.

Apr 11, 2014

Finished my book!

Well, lawdy me. Been gone too long. So long.

I'm  happy to report, though, I have been productive. And I finally completed my first Kindle book, "DRESS UP GAMES - how to be a real princess for your first real prom".

I am so excited that it's finally finished. No more thinking, or spell checking or re-writing for a while. I hope. I actually have a couple more ideas for at least 2 more books, but we'll see. For now, I just want to kick back and get on that plane to Florida for some sun and surf! Yay. And possibly some margaritas.

Buy now, on Amazon.com or wait until Easter and you can get it for FREE. Of course, if you are a Prime Member, you know you can borrow it from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library for free also.

Makes a great gift to your tween or teen daughter or niece, just in time for prom!

Prom. A night like no other. You, like no one else.

Jun 7, 2013

How to Avoid Knockoff Wedding Dresses

PROM OUTFITTERS : authorized dealer of all top designers!
Budget Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses

Today's brides and prom
girls are faced with ever rising costs in all areas of their life, but especially so when it comes to preparing for special occasions, like weddings and prom! So it's important to create a budget and plan and shop wisely. Getting the best value for the money is on every shoppers agenda and today, more than ever, women are given the option of purchasing a custom prom or wedding dress at a fraction of the cost, just by heading overseas!

Make sure you are assured of a quality dress and make sure it gets to you on time, by doing business with authorized dress dealers. Here's why... the Pitfalls of Buying Cheap

Prom. A night like no other. You, like no one else.