Mar 2, 2011

Look of the Month : Miley Cyrus

We fell in love with Miley a long time ago, but were even more enchanted with this look: once we changed her hair do (as seen in Makeover of the Month for March) we embraced this totally red carpet glam look!

We think Joannalyne nailed a perfect look for Miley, glam, vintage, yet fresh and youthful all in one. See more of Joannalyne's looks for some inspiration of your own. Better yet, why not enter our monthly Look of the Month Challenge and submit your own creative layout? If you win the challenge, your look will be posted right here for all your friends to admire! Details here.

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  1. gee! i am so flattered. thank you for featuring this look on your blog.

    i will definitely join again.

  2. After seeing this look of celebrity miley cirus I am just amaized thanks for featuring this on your blog...


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